Casa de Pasto Justiniano

Our restaurant is a family run business established in 1987 and is situated in an area known as Chão da Ribeira which sits in the beautiful Laurissilva National Park (declared a World Heritage by UNESCO) on the North of the island.
Casa de Pasto Justiniano is situated in Chão da Ribeira, Seixal, between the villages of São Vicente and Porto Moniz. Here you will be embraced by welcoming and hospitable surroundings, where you will find, some say, the best restaurant where traditional Portuguese cuisine can be truly appreciated. Our specialities include fresh trout (fresh daily from the trout farm) and chunks of meat skewered on bay leaf branches and roasted in an open stone oven. Our “drunken” chicken is also a favourite dish due to its unique flavours.
All of our dishes are cooked using only the freshest herbs and produce, as are our desserts.
Our long experience and dedication in the restaurant business, makes us the best choice for your dinning pleasure.
Our objective is to titillate the palate leaving you with a sense of pure gastronomical delight.